Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Public Statement - Phil {Cummins} Antahkarana - ManWoman Day - 13 November 2014

Over the past 20 years I made it my personal quest to try and change the public perception of the then very tainted symbol of the swastika. My journey led me through many arguments, disagreements, enlightening encounters with people from all walks of life and eventually to ManWoman in 1999 in the form of Modern Primitives book. I was amazed by this man’s sheer bravery and conviction to his message; I would reference his name, show the book and use his strength and dignity in the photographic evidence before people to reinforce my argument about the truth behind this misunderstood symbol.

Manny, as he was called by friends, stayed a person documented in a book until I organised The World’s First Traditional Tattoo And World Culture Festival and invited Manny and his wife Astarte as our Festival guest of honour, and also a guest at my home, for 3 weeks. Manny and Astarte became my friends. 

Through the festival we managed to bring Manny's visions from his dreams to life, he wrote every dream he had in journals from the time he began his spiritual journey, he told me he dreamt many, many years before that he was surrounded by great joy, and great crowds of people with tattoos of swastika on their faces were celebrating his vision of joy and love together. He was overwhelmed when he realised that I had created his dream so many decades later.

Since Manny had been published in Modern Primitives he had received minimal international notice or credit for his work and was struggling to achieve his life’s goal before he died. Over the years between 2010 to 2012 myself and Manny worked together very closely with a small core group of people behind the scenes to help manifest Manny's dream. We were the Gentle Swastika Collective. We helped sell over a thousand Copies of Gentle Swastika, after Manny had struggled since he first published it to sell less than half of the 2000 he printed and helped create the world forum Manny needed to promote his message of love and joy. His art career took off and he began selling again, {which I can say he would show great gratitude to each and every one who supported his idea en-masse }. He was given great joy and solitude in his final years knowing the seeds he planted so many years ago had grown into a strong and powerful, organic entity and his work would never end in the people who speak the truths he began to spread initially.

As this year’s ManWoman Memorial Day fast approaches, I feel it is my responsibility as the founding member of The Gentle Swastika Collective to try and keep the evolution of Swastika growing and helping to insure that Manny’s work is not in vain, or it stagnates in the realms of a cult like entity in the tattoo world. 

As most now know through ManWoman’s relentless efforts the literal translation for the Sanskrit word- Swastika, is “All well being” –it is LITERALLY a verbal Mantra for “All well being”, and the real damage that has been done to this symbol, is the negative energy in the mantra. It is no longer just the symbol.

I feel that to move forward the evolution of the Swastika , to return it to its true magical glory, we the people, taking part in the now global event on the 13th of this month need to help repair the damage done. We here at Meatshop Tattoo have decided to charge a minimum fee or donation which we will be directly donating to DanChurchAid to help the removal of land mines in Syria. 

We are asking other studios and artists to consider the idea of a donation or small fee, to be given directly to a local charity or source of need to actually start creating “All Well Being” and actually repairing the energy in by positive action.  We realise it may be too late to implement into this year’s event, but as ManWoman so poetically demonstrated with his life’s work, the greatest of seeds take a long time to grow to become the mightiest of trees. 

I got to know Manny well over the final years of his life and he became an amazing comrade and friend and I miss him greatly. I also knew him as an artist and he was all about making money, and I feel if money was being created in his memory to help where it is needed he would be very pleased indeed. 

The Swastika is greater than the few involved in the growing consciousness and it is not ours as it was not Manny’s to own or control, and if Swastika literally means “ALL Well Being” then to me that meant ALL men and women, animals and life. It is time to help it evolve into that and give the tabloids and critics some really solid action to back our words and change the attitudes of those who say it can never be redeemed. Let them eat their hats! Change attitudes by changing lives. 

So please consider, if not this year, then maybe next, make your Swastika Day everybody's Swastika Day.

Love and light and very Gentle Swastika Blessings to ALL

Phil Antahkarana
The Gentle Swastika Collective.
Meatshop Tattoo, Copenhagen.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Mascotte d'Or" - Wine Label - France c.1914-18

The original trade mark of a bottle of sparkling wine called "Mascotte d'Or" from France. Circa 1914-1918. Issued from the INPI ( Institut national de la propriété industrielle).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Decorative fireplace tilework - Blackrock, Dublin.

Period unknown. Regards to Kim Jong Al Norris for photo.

Friday, December 28, 2012

SWASTIKA SYMBOLOGY - Ferank Manseed in conversation with Zoe Campbell

Results of a conversation with Ferank Manseed on matters relating to art and the swastika - By Zoe Campbell for HERE

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SWASTIKART by Zoe Campbell

Results of a conversation with Boz Mugabe on matters relating to art and the swastika - By Zoe Campbell for HERE

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


THE PERFECT TRADITIONAL SWASTIKA SHAPE IS AN EMBODIMENT OF Φ. EVERY PART FOLLOWS THE GOLDEN SECTION phi (φ) AREAS: every rectangular part of the arms is phi to the 5th, the empty spaces (and also the center) are phi to the 4th. LENGTHS: The total shape is is phi to the 5th, every arm is phi to the 2th wide etc. etc. THE TOTAL RECTANGLE SHAPE IS phi to the 10th. 
( Thank you to Agis for contribution )